Golf is 3 Games In One

  • 09-Apr-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

Scoring is the ultimate test in golf, but there are 3 parts that go into scoring. Full swing Short game Putting There has been a lot of talk over the years about how if you improve your putting or short game you will lower your score. I disagree, ball striking is far more important thanRead More

Controlling the Low Point: The Ability to Hit the Ground in the Same Place Every Time and Forward of the Ball to Insure Clean Contact

  • 02-Apr-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

  The first measurable difference between golfers of different skill levels is the ability to hit the ground in the same place time after time— in other words, the ability to control the low point of the swing. The skilled player can swing the club and hit the ground in the same spot every time.Read More

Controlling the Curve: The Ability to Match the Clubface to the Swing Path to Control the Curvature of the Ball to Keep It in Play

  • 26-Mar-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

The third fundamental is developing a predictable pattern of projecting the ball toward the target by controlling the clubface and the swing path. It is here the golfer uses the variables of grip, stance, alignment, and so forth, in a familiar way to hit the ball as intended. The best players have mastered the firstRead More

The Ability to Create Enough Power or Distance to Play the Game and Enjoy It. Being Able to Hit the Ball Far Enough

  • 19-Mar-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

One of the fundamentals that is common to good players is generating enough power, in slightly varying degrees, to play the course effectively. The first power element is the path of the hands and the club moving inward— around the body as opposed to upward— on the backswing.Moving the hands and club on a circularRead More

The Pivot: The Human Spine or Shoulder and Torso Movement Definitions

  • 12-Mar-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

The PIVOT is often described as a shoulder turn, however, that’s only one part of a 3-dimensional motion.This is very misunderstood because it has only been taught as purely a one-dimensional motion – TURN or shoulder turn. That is a piece but only one-piece in this 3-dimensional motion. I would go so far as toRead More

Changing Flex in the Knees

  • 05-Mar-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

Extending the back leg (loosing flex) and flexing the left knee forward during the backswing, is a necessary motion to make an effective and powerful backswing pivot. It allows the hips to turn more, which allows the shoulders to also turn more. Both the hips and the shoulders turn on an inclined plane, as theRead More

The New Ball Flight Laws

  • 26-Feb-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

BALL FLIGHT LAWS/D-PLANE Science has revealed that the “old” ball flight laws are incorrect, and that: The starting path of the ball is primarily and overwhelmingly dictated by the clubface angle at impact The ball curves due to the relative difference, if any, between face angle and clubhead path at impact Controlling Ball Flight isRead More

Impediments to Learning the Game

  • 19-Feb-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

Are You Prepared To Learn Everything You Can About The Golf Swing AND KNOW YOUR GOLF SWING? The origins of Golf are unclear and much debated. However, it is generally accepted that modern golf developed in Scotland from the Middle Ages onwards. Fast forward to today, and Golf practice and player development is going throughRead More

Left Shoulder Down

  • 12-Feb-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

LEFT SHOULDER DOWN & SPINE EXTENDING The master move in the golf swing is the side bending of the left shoulder and left hip creating hip slant at the start of the backswing, these moves can be seen from the simplest chip to the longest Drive. The left shoulder going downward (side-bending left), as theRead More

Weight Left

  • 05-Feb-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

As we learn from Fundamental #1, we must be able to hit the ground in the same place every time and forward of the ball (after the ball) to insure clean contact. We also would like to see every golfer swing in-to-out and produce a draw, rather than, the slice we see from over 90%Read More

Posture, Stance, & Grip

  • 30-Jan-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

The correct posture and stance at set-up are critical to improve your swing. The following key pieces make for a great set-up. Weight should be 55/45 on lead foot (a slight hip bump achieves this) Foot Flare, both feet should be flared approx. 20 degrees. The toe line can be square, but the feet mustRead More

Let’s Talk Some Golf

  • 23-Jan-2019
  • bobgrissettgolf

My mission is to offer top quality golf instructions to beginners, intermediates and advanced players with educational drills and exercises that deliver results in a fast and easy to understand manner. I feel generations of Golfers have received instruction that has lots of info but no structure or system to pull it all together. InstructionRead More